Chapter 2: Filtered Reality

Making Connections: As I read the section “A filtered world” I’ve made several connections to my personal life through Facebook (Michael Reitz’s Facebook), my own personal memories, and certain websites. On my personal facebook, I noticed that several of my past friends frequently tried to bully me in the past, and as a result, I ended up feeling incredibly insecure, and believe it or not, it caused me to abandon what I used to be and as a result, I “filtered” out that part of my life because I didn’t want to deal with it. To support it, I’ll bring you to a personal photo (Michael Reitz’s Facebook photos) of mine on Facebook. If you look at the one that was posted on February 1, 2016 that has me smirking with a bowl-esque haircut and slouching slightly, you’ll notice that someone said “who did your hair and why do they hate you?” At the time I thought nothing of it, but little did I know, later on it would get a lot worse and he would be relentless with his bullying, so I ended up “filtering” that part of me out by taking him off of my facebook. It also affected me a lot because when I took the friends off that did bully me, I ended up becoming less of a bully myself (yes I know I still am to an extent, but I’m a lot less relentless unless you push me too far). This also brings me to another article I found online. On page 12 Section 4.1, they note that cyber bullying is extremely frequent now because of how accessible it is to everyone and how easy it is to pose as someone they’re not. I also realized this is also me to an extent because I’m extremely impressionable, so if I do go online, I refuse to acknowledge people when they try to bully me, and when they go too far, I unfriend them and not deal with it. I will admit the article does bring up some very valid points about what is termed “Facebook depression” and that actually is something I dealt with in the past due to me constantly wanting attention, and as a result, I ended up doing risky behavior like give attention to people that I should never have (if you want to know, I will tell you), almost turned to aggressive behaviors myself because I learned from people that do it themselves (point in case, my earlier words about bullying).

Overall, I learned a lot about how many connections I made, and how my past has impacted me to this day. Sure, I still have work to do, but overall, I think I made a lot of changes for the better, and that, everyone, is too sweet.


The Folklore We Create

As I lay here typing. I really want you guys to look at this and keep yourself engaged, because this is my story through my digital footprint. My websites, including facebook, Youtube, and my blog define so much and show so much of who I am that you guys will like what you see. I’m typing this not for my benefit, but so you guys can see the man behind the mirror and know I’m a very emotional, loving, and caring person who is resolved in his motives and will not be deterred.

One thing I will admit shows a lot of me for you guys is my Facebook profile, since it’s my most frequent visit. I frequently comment on things that help me build an emotional connection with them (such as my friend’s facebook) (Kenzie Scott’s Facebook). You guys might also like that I love posting things to my facebook (Michael Reitz) that shows so much of who I am. It shows stuff like when my father had a heart attack and my great struggle through that, as well as videos that I absolutely love. My father’s heart attack also brought me such resolution because I don’t want my life to end up like that, so it made me think “Okay this is too much. I don’t want to feel trapped at a job that pushes me like that. I want to force myself forward and do my best to succeed and make him proud.”

One more thing that you guys will like is that I frequently show who I am through what I watch on Youtube. One particular video I watched last week, named Jake and Olive, (Mac Lethal’s Youtube Channel) really shows who I am through the mirror and caused me to realize “I want this.” Go on and press Ctrl and click on the link. It shows so much resolution that the two people know things are hard, yet they try so hard to make it work. It reminds me of when I was dating my last girlfriend. She even noted that I was different from her other boyfriends. She knew I truly did care. She even decided that we should stay friends after a very gentle break-up because she said she didn’t know if I was the right guy for her.

Now, as we come to a close, I have to talk about one more thing: my blog (Michael Reitz’s blog). It is fairly new, so you can’t get much of who I am as a person. What I can tell you is in my About Me post, it really shows what happened to me growing up, so please read it. It shaped who I am today, and it’s given me such a strong resolve to NOT let that happen again. It also shows that I am really showing myself through my college blogs, mostly because I like to make connections to those around me.

Wow, that felt so good to share! You guys have been great, so give yourself a pat on the back! I know some people might be thinking “how is this guy so strong-willed?” Well, one thing I learned through all of those hard times, it’s that despite the hard times, the grass is always greener on the other side, meaning you can go through absolute misery and hard times, but if you try to look at the bigger picture rather than what’s in front of you, you can see the beauty in everything. Thanks for reading!

“The Mechanical Bride” notes

Commentary: One sentence on “The Mechanical Bride” that I looked at really sounds interesting and ends up making me think, and that sentence is “the industrial man is not unlike the the turtle that is quite blind to the beauty of the shell which it has grown on its back.” I think that means that someone in the industrial business, such as a reporter, simply reports the information and has this vast pool of information, yet doesn’t see (quite blind to) the “beauty of its shell” which is a massive quantity of information available to them at a glance. This is reflected in the quote “the same man would rather eat the turtle than admire the design on its back,” which when they say “eat” they mean they take the information in, while when the article says “admire the design on its back” they mean that they don’t “admire,” which to me means “explore” “the design on its back” which is looking at the amount of information available to them. I’ve noticed this as well in the short article “then two die in the chair” where they simply reported two men, who were about to get put on the electric chair to be executed in a few hours, only reported the actual death itself, and as a result, the vast majority of information that led up to it wasn’t reported or researched. This is apparent because of the sentence “This is an illustration of the situation of those in the modern world who contribute mindlessly and automatically to the huge technical panorama which they never raise their eyes to examine.” “Contribute mindlessly and automatically” essentially means they basically report it, while “which they never raise their eyes to examine” means they won’t look at the situation past what they already know, because “raise their eyes” means looking up, not unlike surfing the web for information, and “examine” meaning actually thinking “How did this come around?” This is also brought about by “the same man would dunk himself in the newspaper than have any aesthetic or intellectual grasp of its character or meaning.” This is because they say “than have any esthetic or intellectual grasp,” which “esthetic” basically is beauty in itself while “intellectual grasp” essentially means a grasp of what information is available to them rather than what they are reporting itself. This forms into a quote “than have any beautiful or smart grasp on what it truly means,” and I truly do believe this.

Into the Blogosphere: Reflection

As I was typing up my blog and looking at the blogs others have posted and crafted, I began to notice quite a few things. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I really noticed that the class is starting to become a little more integrated as a result of each other choosing who they want to critique and who they like. I first started noticing this when I said “Please, critique me, that way we go from the ghost town to a great community that interacts with each other!” It’s that moment that made me realize that in order to fully grow, we need that interaction and critiquing in order to effectively grow, so as a result, I will do my best to help each other grow and I will try and help those that ask or I feel like need help. Another thing I noticed in the article was that due to the amount of information online, users who use it have access to a base of knowledge to contribute to and form a collective ecosystem of sorts, and that provides a base to build a community of bloggers that understand each other. One more thing I noticed as a result of this too is that as a result of the blogs and people communicating with others about their actual feelings, it comes directly from the mind of a user. I’m a perfect example of this. Due to me feeling comfortable with blogging more and more, I feel my words flowing, and due to this as well, I’m far more open to others commenting on my blog, which definitely wasn’t the case when I first made the blog. I was so scared of getting one when I was told I was going to make the blog because I was so scared of being judged that my knee was shaking a bit in class. This was even more apparent in high school, when I was repulsed at the mere mention of facebook, Instagram, and blogging in general. Boy have times changed as a result of age though! So, if anyone feels like they need help, don’t hesitate to ask me and if you feel like I’m missing something, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m more than open to take in your words and try to work on building an effective community among my peers and colleagues!

Into the Blogosphere notes

Summary: In short, this article focuses on how the blogosphere has brought the general population together into one massive community as a result of the readily accessible nature of how people feel about certain things in their life and how it affected them. One way this how the blogosphere integrated society into one massive community is that due to the massive amount of feelings that are posted online and how people critique it, it’s brought a greater understanding to others than what the news and other sources portray. This is due to the fact that the news have so many guidelines to follow and as a result, it simply provides the bare bones facts rather than accounts of people that actually were there. This makes it look like the news and media aren’t providing the amount of facts that people actually there provide. As a result of the massive amount of information there though, it forms an “iceberg” of information that are submerged in millions of blogs online. This “iceberg” is just that though: a majority of blogs that are just ones that were abandoned with links that are outdated and even provide information that have been lost in the winds of time. There are several accounts of updated blogs online at the top of the iceberg that are very up-to-date and are frequently updated with many moderately new sources of useful information. Such an example is our class blogs, who are consistently being updated with our class assignments. They are being updated with stuff like reflections, notes to our assignments, and even commented on for critiquing and, thus, we are growing as a community and we are slowly making friends out of all of our classmates. As a result of this critiquing, we are slowly figuring out what our place in the classroom is, and while we’re doing that, we get to know our classmates better through those interactions with each other. This is reflected in the article we read due to the article stating that the growth of a community really depends on the cooperation of colleagues, which strengthens the bond of each other and promotes healthy growth with each other. The teacher is also readily promoting this among everyone. This is due to the fact that she is causing us to work together in groups when we have a discussion in class. Due to this, we are promoting the very thing the blogosphere is trying to promote; an ecosystem of like-minded individuals that understand each other.

MI/Key Terms: To me, the main idea of this article is due to the interactions of all the people in the blogosphere, it created a fairly symbiotic relationship of all the people in the blogosphere. One of the key terms of the article is the blogosphere, which is the accumulation of millions of blogs online that forms a vast amount of information that is used and is not used. In the blogosphere, there is another one of the key terms in the article: a community, which is a group of people that form to get to know one another and try to grow. Due to this community, we get another key term that’s worth mentioning: a symbiotic relationship, which in this text means people truly understand each other and are able to synchronize their thoughts with each other. This is due to the fact of one more key term in the article: filtering, which in this context means deeming what is important to keep around, and what is deemed as unnecessary is dropped off. There can be extremes of filtering, though, and when it’s filtered too much another key term is noted: journalism, which is a person using bare bones facts, and due to this, it’s often noted that it doesn’t provide the amount of information of a person actually witnessing the event. Due to this, journalism does not provide an accurate description of what the blogosphere is, which is a vast amount of information of events, ideas, and feelings of people that form a symbiotic relationship of people in the community at large.

Why I chose the copyright I did

I chose to get the Creative Commons license of Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Attribution license is if you share, you have to put me as a source and note the changes you made because I would like to know if you share it, but don’t mind if you want to share it. Non-commercial is I forbid people from using my name as a way to make a profit because I can’t stand when people use my name without giving me the credit I feel like I deserve. Share-alike is where if you share, you must use the same license that I used to make it, which basically is this license of Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike for information gathering. My reasoning for this is because I don’t mind if people share my stuff, but I don’t like it if someone doesn’t give me credit when it was my story they told about.

Why Blog: Reflection

As I lay here typing this blog with my dog (albeit with great difficulty because I can’t help but show him my love), I realize that blogging can be a ton of fun. One of the many reasons why I love it is because it allows me to interact with my peers more and even vent my frustrations from the day if need be. Boy does that come with a lot of frustration though because I was emotionally torn apart over the past few days due to my father suffering a heart attack over the weekend. Overall though, I’m going to love blogging because of that interaction I can have with my peers and how I can learn from them.

Reaction to Chapter 1

As I was reading the chapter, I noticed a few things about my college classmates and my colleagues in general. One thing I noticed overall was that after I read the chapter, I noticed that I looked more at the people on their phones rather than people not on their phones and I noticed that they seemed disinterested in what’s around them. I didn’t interrupt them though because they didn’t seem like they would be much fun to talk to. Another thing that I noticed was that I was much more resolved about cutting off toxic people on my facebook out of my life because they constantly seemed mad at the world and was not willing to help me out. Another thing I noticed was that I realized that I want to go out more lately because chatting with people are a lot more fun than staying behind a laptop all day and that I was much more willing to accept the risks associated with it. One thing I’ll admit I do like about online, though, is that it’s still a fantastic way to express myself and it does come in handy in case I need it, such as for college, for interactions between those I truly care about, and the few people that do care about. This is as a result of me building bonds with them and instinctively feeling that they are building me up as best they could. One last thing that I noticed as well was that I naturally want to lead others on what I feel is the best path despite all the hardships that I’ve been through in my life.