Those who lead and their influence

“Make mistakes like that and I will force you to give up your Cyber deck.” That’s what someone said to me, and I look at him with pure rage wanting to punch him due to the fact that I love my Cyber deck, and for someone to try and take that away from me pisses me off to no end. Eric knew that could have happened, so he tried his best to calm me down. Thankfully I’m an easy person to calm down, otherwise things would’ve gotten really ugly. That’s one thing that happened that Eric proved invaluable to me.

Another situation that popped up that he was invaluable was when I was downtown, I constantly got rejected from conversation because I just plainly didn’t know how to have a decent one with a random stranger. One particular incident that happened was I was chatting normally with Eric, and one woman said “I want a conversation with you (referring to Eric).” Confused, I walk with him to talk with her, and she said “Not you,” referring to me. I was rather annoyed by it because she sounded so stuck up and annoying. I didn’t fully hear what he and her were talking about, but later on her friends came up, she had a look of pure annoyance on her and screamed at him. I was confused, so I asked him what went on, and he replied with “Like, she expects to have kinky moments if she pushes my friend away like that? No way.” Needless to say, it was awkward, but overall, that situation was handled pretty well in my opinion.

In that situation, I was talking with Eric at first, and after hanging downtown at Fusion (a bar in downtown Rochester) for a few minutes, a woman that neither of us knew wanted to have a conversation with Eric, but rejected talking with me. She chatted with him for a few minutes, and after that, her friends came up to her, with her screaming at him. She apparently wanted to mess around, and blatantly disregarded how he felt, so he must’ve turned her down in a similar way, if not worse way.

I guess what I’d like to say about Eric is that he is a great leader for me to follow. Since I like helping him, it also comes in handy too because he welcomes it and tries pushing me to do things that really pay off.


Leaders and Followers

We all have that friend that wants to be the leader in the group. For me, I feel I really need that friend that has great leadership potential, and that person is Eric. Due to the fact that I often have a very unrealistic view on the world, he helps me focus on the important aspects of life since I’m ruled by emotion, and that usually makes me reckless at times. More often than not, I consult him for advice on school, decision-making, and if I want to have a fun time in general since he can be extremely fun to be around. This is due to the fact that he shoots ideas that I have down if it’s questionable, such as going for relationships that might end up hurting me in the long run (such as moving away or if the people are questionable) and directs me to ideas that would be fun, such as playing cards with friends, going to Quarry Hill, or even going downtown to socialize. It’s due to this that I’m actually way more outgoing than other coworkers of mine and how I’m so memorable now. Overall, though, we both have our purpose in each other’s lives: he helps me make smarter decisions, while I offer solace when he feels down. 

The main reason why he is a good friend to me is because he is a very realistic person, while I’m a very ideal person. The concepts are quite opposing in all honesty, with realistic people look at what the situation at hand is and calculate accordingly, while ideal people look at what could be and do their best to make it that way. This is expanded in a website defining idealism, realism, pragmatism, and existentialism. In this website, they define idealism as ideas as the best way to go through things, and realism is more concerned with more physical objects such as the body and what’s around you.

I do have my purpose with keeping him stable though. Due to my fun-loving and emotional personality, I’m very in-tune with how people feel and when he’s depressed, I try as hard as I can to cheer him up by saying things that are appealing to him. One such example is when he said he couldn’t go on with a relationship and was very stubborn about it, I comforted him by saying he’s doing better than me at knowing what he wants. It was fairly hard though since he is well known for being too decisive at times.

Overall, though, he has been quite the great friend for helping me be more decisive in my life, and that, to me, is the main reason why I consider him a friend. This is due to the fact that he helps me have direction in my life, while I offer emotional solace for him. This has built quite a trustworthy bond that each of us have made, and it’s why I trust his intuition to this day.


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My feelings on the give-and-take relationship

Okay people bare with me here because this is a very solemn post. I seen how happy my friend and her boyfriend are together, and honestly, it makes me sad because I yearn for that kind of relationship. I look at posts they make, and how happy they are together, and it causes such complex feelings of sadness and joy (because I try as hard as I can to make relationships work due to feeling joy when they do) that I don’t ever consider how it affected me. It’s quite a major flaw in my personality that I’ve done my best to get past, but due to me always putting others before myself in the relationship department, I often come up short in starting a relationship. I consider it secondary though, because I’ve been doing my best to support people that have had it even worse than me, like Trinity for example. She ended up having a father that was abusive to her, and even had a boyfriend that constantly abused her and made her feel trapped because they feel so physically and emotionally drained. She even said she went to work and saw her friends that way, and as a result, she never had fun with her life and it sounds like she couldn’t create as many bonds with many people. I hate that! In my opinion, it makes me want to beat him. It’s pieces of crap like the people she had in her life that make me fly into a berserk rage without worrying about the consequences. It even came to a forefront when her father was put in the hospital. She decided the best thing to do was to go see him, and he still attempted to manipulate her. She then decided it was best that she left him alone because of that manipulative nature he had, which is similar to the relationship she had with her boyfriend at the time. It’s that kind of relationship where I try and help as much as I can, because I’ve seen people lose all their self-esteem, and I’ve heard so much about how people died as a result of that. It’s that kind of relationship where people are never able to move on if they keep on sticking with that person, so I plead to the people that are in abusive relationships; leave them. It’s become even easier now that technology has become a voice for people that are in abusive relationships. It’s also a good example of a relationship that one person gives and takes something extremely bad in return. The key of this is learning to balance giving and taking in a healthy manner, because if one person gives too much, such as Trinity, it will end up resulting in exhaustion, especially if the relationship is what she went through. I’d also like to give so many thanks to Trinity for letting me share this, because now, hopefully, people will realize their mistakes and leave an abusive relationship. That is my goal for this post: helping people realize that abusive relationships are not okay. I’m even an outlet for those if you do feel the need to talk, so please talk with me.


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A truly give-and-take relationship

Okay people this blog is about a friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, who has a relationship with someone who really makes her dreams come true. What the relationship is like is it’s a true partnership, where the woman generally takes the mantle and some leadership in the relationship, but often times, she is exhausted as a result, so when she is, the man of the relationship really steps up and does his best to make sure she’s not overwhelmed. An example of such that they are fine with me talking about is the fact that she had problems with school, so she decided to let her boyfriend finish first since he is so far along with his school that he is fairly close to being done. To me, that shows that, despite everything, they do know when things get a little too stressful, and as a result, they learned to do a give-and-take approach because often times, things don’t work out in their favor, so it would be important to work around it so things work out much better in the end. It’s actually proven to be true in education as well. In a website that talks about relationships, they show how relationships can be a success. If you look at the bullet points there, it will show that healthy relationships are ones that can be shared with their respective families, are able to express to each other on who they are without worries of what the consequences might be, rarely resort to violence, and if it does, ends up resolving fairly and without much, if any, physical violence, are very honest about their sexual activity, are very trusting with each other, and let their partner influence each other for the better. It can be very hard, but as time goes on, it will become easier and easier if you are willing to let your partner influence you for the better. This is what this relationship is, and believe it or not, they told me how happy they are together, so I’m inclined to believe them because that’s what I’ve gathered from all the relationships I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen people leave their partner for cheating, abuse, and even one-sided relationships where one person just kept on giving and giving until it hurts. Overall, though, this relationship is truly a give-and-take relationship at its finest because they recognize each others flaws, but still kept on and tried their best to make it a truly healthy relationship.

Annoying Ways People Use Sources

Making Connections: As I was reading the article, I started noticing a couple of things after thinking about it that I can really draw inspiration from. The author (Kyle Stedman) said a piece of writing is quite interesting if you change direction, you will end up thinking about how the person writes, and generally, I noticed it’s sometimes indicated by bullet points, italics, or bold print on occasion. Now, let me ask you this: how does it work for you guys? It could be a picture, a word, or even a shock twist in a story that causes you to show your interest. I personally like the shock twist because I grew up watching anime, being taught politics when young, and even played card games where if you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’re pretty much never getting anywhere. As an example, I’ll show you a scene from one of my favorite anime shows of all time: Tokyo Ghoul. In this scene, the main character, “Kaneki” is fighting a person who tortured him relentlessly to bring out the evil side of him. Before, he was a very introverted person, who constantly was coming to grips with the fact that he used to be a human, but is now half something that he struggles to come to grips with because he previously hated them. Now, if you look at him, he is quite the vicious attacker, who is fighting for those he loves and wants to protect them as much as he can. I would suggest you look at the entire series, because the message I took from it is quite benevolent due to what I know about the series entirely. It’s also packed full of emotional moments that people like me love so much. How does it make you feel? Do you feel sympathetic for him? Do you hate that he became a monster when he was so kind before? Are you intrigued that the pain he went through caused him to take this resolve? The choice is up to you. Feel free to ask questions, because I’m an open book that is willing to talk with you about it. The amount I took off of this series is numerous, so I can tell you as much as you need to hear. In conclusion though, this series offered a tremendous insight to the kind of person that I am, and the kind of person that I want to be: independent.


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Reflection to RLW and Island Paragraphs

One thing I noticed when I read RLW is that a ton of things stood out to me because it appealed to my individual desires and it made me really emotional. One thing that stood out to me is that certain questions were repeated a couple of times to get me to understand it better, such as “what is the author’s purpose for the writing” and “what is the intended audience?” It was also bringing something I learned in another class of mine to the forefront because I went through author’s purpose in my last semester. Another thing I noticed that I felt really drawn to was on page 78. It mentioned that the RLW is very effective if the passage is emotional or humorous because you would have to theoretically “put yourself in the person’s shoes” in order to better understand them. This is especially apparent with me because I tend to write stuff that is highly emotional because I tend to treat my blogs and what I write as a diary where I do my best to communicate how I feel about certain subjects, so if you want to read like a writer, my blog posts and my essays to a lesser extent my essays would be really good for it. If you do have questions about it, feel free to ask as well. One more thing I noted that stood out to me is that after a certain amount of practice, I’ll subconsciously ask the same questions to better understand the piece of writing. I’ve actually noticed it in a ton of people, including professor Robinson, and I’ve noticed that in a similar way through my job. Even as a dishwasher, I’ve noticed the person I was when I first started working at Whistle Binkies was a lot worse in comparison with how good I am now, and even my boss and several coworkers noticed that. I even noticed my way of working 6 years ago was similar to the way my brother worked if not worse (he frequently lashed out at everyone for not doing things his way and even said he wants other people to be miserable if he is), and once I actually relaxed and looked at how badly it was affecting other people, I worked a lot harder and it actually compensated big time in how good I got. I became much faster, much smarter, and much happier despite how much harder I was working. All in all though, I loved that the article brought so much more to my mind that I didn’t really notice until I thought about this article.

Reading like a writer and by islands I mean paragraphs

Making Connections: In Mike Bunn’s “Reading like a Writer” (pg 78) one paragraph really stuck out to me when I read it because I tend to write stuff that is highly emotional and really tugs at heart strings if you read deeper than what I’m saying. If you look at the section “Is this the kind of writing you will be assigned to write yourself,” he talks about how a particularly humorous or emotional piece of writing can really bring RLW to light because you have to theoretically “put yourself in his or her shoes” in order to better understand him and see if that particular style works best for you. Me personally, I hope you guys like that I post highly emotional stuff and I love it when people show emotion and try to be vocal with their feelings, please offer your opinion! If you put yourself in my shoes you’ll find out that my feelings run extremely deep and they are shockingly benevolent and sweet when you dig deeper! I might seem a little rough around the edges, but if you try to actually dig deeper and ask yourself “why does Michael post this” you’ll find yourself really getting to know that I’m very sweet and fun to be around!

Commentary: What I think the author of the selection “…and by islands I mean paragraphs” is trying to say through this article is the islands are changing occasionally, so they are changing the structure of how the island is and is trying to get us to think more critically and being more analytical at the same time. One reason why I think this is in one of the sentences, they say “The population of this island spends the summer tending sheep. People were once driven by the setting up of huge deer-hunting estates,” then changes to “The population is now a third of what it once was. An enlightened landlord built schools and fish-curing sheds,” so the author is trying to get us to think of it as a story I think. One reason why I think this is because I noticed that the sentences can be tied in through the fact that if you try hard enough, the sentences can be tied in together, like a story. For example, one sentence stated that it was rich in fishing, and that is the end result of building a school and fish-curing sheds.

Selfie post

Image may contain: Michael Reitz and Britani Jo Peterman, people smiling, closeupImage may contain: Kaitlyn Harberts and Michael Reitz, people smiling, hat, closeup and text

“Oh my goodness Snapchat is so good for selfies!” That’s what I generally think of when I want to take a selfie with my friends. If you look at the selfies I posted here, you will think the same. In the first selfie I posted, I was with a friend of mine in downtown Rochester, MN chatting with her and her friends. I don’t remember a ton of it due to blocking the memory out due to it being too painful for me and possibly drinking too much, but what I do remember is I was chatting with her and her boyfriend about how they match well and how they are as people, and I discovered that I’m actually quite a bit like him on terms of musical interests, the fact that we both try as hard as possible to make our significant others happy, and we both are extremely faithful to the ones we love. I also remember thinking “holy crap me and him are similar,” and after that, I don’t remember much if at all. What I think Rettberg will see this as is someone who is someone who is possibly in a relationship with or someone who is great friends with.

In my next photo, I was at work and I noticed one of my friends I flirted with all the time in the past. Things did change a bit though on account that she just got engaged the day before. I fully remember this day too! I chatted with her and her fiancé and during the conversation, he was talking a little smack on account that I’m single. Boy was that a mistake because it prompted me to respond with “Really man?! At least I realize what I want! I’d rather stay single and not be with someone that makes me sad than be with someone that constantly knocks me down!” Despite it seeming like I’m somewhat of a jerk, believe it or not, I’m quite benevolent and really treasure the friendship I have with them. What happened afterwards was really funny too! My coworkers just looked at me with a smile on their faces and one of the guys was like “Hey, uh, Mike. Stop being such a flirt, ” and since I knew he was trying to bully me and since I wasn’t really flirting, I responded “Stop being such a Negative Nancy man! No wonder you’re single!” After that, everyone laughed so hard. What I think Rettberg would think this as is someone who loves it when someone gets engaged and really cuts loose a lot at work.

Chapter 3 Notes

Summary: In short, this chapter focuses on how selfies have become a form of representation of who we are. One part of the chapter notes that this form of representation is not given as a whole, but over time and helps form who we are rather than one post, one photo, or one tweet. To show how it actually is, I will bring you to my Facebook. If you look at one photo, such as the selfie I took on October 25, 2017, you would think I’m an impatient person, which while true, does not represent who I am as a whole. In fact, if you look at all of my photos, you will think I’m a rather fun person to be around because I take so many fun selfies. Another part of the section focuses on how selfies or other things have aged over time. This is either positive or negative based on how the reception was. As proof, I’ll show you a photo I took on October 23, 2016 on my facebook. I thought it was great at the time because it showed my love for the WWE and thought it was really cool, but now I realized it has not aged well at all because I never use the shirt or hat anymore, and it shows so much arrogance it hurts. One more thing the chapter focuses on is how profile pictures on facebook show our identity through what we like, how we carry ourselves, and our hobbies even. It can be anything from a flower we like, a show we like, or us doing something we love even. Nowadays, we can even modify our profile picture to something we support fully. One example of such is if you look at my facebook and check my profile pictures, you’ll notice that I have a profile pic of me with a patch on my arm with a background that says “I’m against bullying,” which is something I quite vividly support. One last section that the chapter has is how photobooths were the progenitors of the selfies we take today. Photobooths in itself is actually quite interesting though. The section describes how they work, which include how you take the photo itself, how the photos turn out, and how they’re used today even. It’s actually quite interesting because it perfectly describes how both my parents, who got married, divorced, and married other people took the photos, which were in preparation of their respective weddings. If you ask me, that is cool and romantic. In short though, this chapter was about the progenitors of selfies, how they aged, how one photo doesn’t define who someone is, and how profile pictures represent who we are, what we like, or even what we support.

Me Through A Filtered World

“Hey look at this filter it’s so weird! It looks so much like a cartoon!” That’s the world we live in today. So many people live their life through these filters, and frankly speaking, I like it. In “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, Chapter 2 (Jill Walker Rettberg),” Jill talks about how the filters we use filter out the bad parts of who we are, and that tells me so much. That tells me they try really hard to look good and need assurance, so I will give them that assurance they want so badly because I’m such a happy-go-lucky guy. The 3 things that I can say fully support this is 3 quotes from chapter 2 of “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology”: “a filter can be a piece of felt or a piece of paper that filters out dust, dirt, or other impurities,” “Facebook functions as a filter that echoes this story of constant progress, especially with the strong structure embedded in the life events in its Timeline,” and “beauty can be seen in anything, and we can learn to be grateful and should be grateful.” Altogether, this paper will be about how filters bring out the best of us, and that, to me, is quite awesome.

The first quote I noticed in the chapter “a filter is can be a piece of felt or a piece of paper that filters out dust, dirt, or other impurities,” has brought so much to my mind that I frankly see as beautiful. To show you how awesome that is, I’ll bring you to my blog. If you look at the post “Me Through a Filtered World” you’ll notice that I carefully crafted a photo of me to look a tad different. One thing that I noted was that I look much brighter, more outgoing, and overall, I look better than I did in my otherwise bland, ordinary, or even dull original photo. That alone makes me look amazing, and that I know proves my point of how filters take the dust, dirt, and impurities out of my otherwise dreary and ordinary photo.

The second quote that I noticed that provides a fantastic example of how filters can be awesome is “Facebook functions as a filter that echoes this story of constant progress, especially with the strong structure embedded in the life events in its Timeline.” To prove my point, I’ll bring you to my Facebook, more specifically 2 different posts I made on September 1, 2018 and October 23, 2016. One of my posts was me wearing pink bunny ears and pink glasses that were made from glowsticks, and the other post was the second photo on a set of 30 photos from October 23. Look at the posts and look at how much happier I am with my progress from 2 years ago and how proud everyone else is with that progress! Only one person actually liked my post from October 23 and it did have several comments, but none of them stand out and are very bland overall. The next post on September 1 doesn’t have any comments, but it has so many more likes and so many people loved that I looked so outgoing there and they did mention it the next day! I do look goofy in my photos, but overall, I love how much more outgoing I look in the one with pink bunny ears and pink glasses!

The third quote that I know supports this argument is “beauty can be seen in anything, and we can learn to be grateful and should be grateful.” To prove this, I’ll bring you to a video of a facebook of a friend of mine: Mary V Rooney. In her post, one of the comments was a guy named Steven that scoffed at her while I was being incredibly supportive of her. Note that Steven was quite harsh with his words and failed to keep how she felt in mind and how relentless everyone was because they saw the beauty in the post and how I was incredibly supportive of her, which portrayed him not seeing the inherent beauty of the actual post and how I saw the beauty of it despite the nature of the post and how other people reacted.  That alone shows that beauty can be taken from anything, and that is awesome.

Whew that took quite a lot of research! Overall though, I brought a ton of facts and a lot about how filters can be so good! The main points of this article is 3 quotes that I took from the article: a filter is can be a piece of felt or a piece of paper that filters out dust, dirt, or other impurities,” “Facebook functions as a filter that echoes this story of constant progress, especially with the strong structure embedded in the life events in its Timeline,” and “beauty can be seen in anything, and we can learn to be grateful and should be grateful.” Thanks for reading my paper everyone I had a blast looking at everything, and I enjoyed writing this paper!