Struggles of poking intellect

Over these last couple of weeks, I’ve realized how hard it is to get people to think. I’ve tried getting people to try to think about how their mistakes have costed them, and they refuse to listen. There are a few that I haven’t pushed because I knew they’re in a good position, but those that I’ve noticed a mistake in don’t want to listen to me because they must have an aversion to thinking new ways. I now see why some of my friends have some problems with being ruled by logic and thinking. Those friends are even trying to push me just as much as I’m pushing them, and it’s a real struggle for me since I’m used to using my gut instinct and emotions to try and make a life worth living. I now see why using my emotions to rule is a mistake in a way. Thankfully I have friends that are going to help my logical thinking otherwise college would be impossible to succeed in. Thankfully my instructors can also help me to succeed too. I’ve talked with some of my favorite instructors over the past year and they helped me relieve the immense stress that comes with logical thinking and that has helped immensely. My current instructors, even though I don’t really talk with them much, also help a ton since they can offer guidance if need be. To those that have been doing their best to support me in this endeavor, thank you. To those that decided I was too stressful to deal with, I wish you the best of luck in your future. Just know if you do want some help, I will offer some advice and do my best to keep your opinions in mind when you do need help.


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