New Beginnings

As I enter this new semester of school, I realize I’m going to need to push myself even more now. This was made quite apparent by the fact that I entered one of my classes, confused and hoping I didn’t enter the wrong class. I was in the right class, and got a huge awakening when I realized “you know, this semester already seems like I need to do a lot of critical thinking.” In my ethics class, I need to read chapters every other day before class, and found out that I will need to ask a lot of questions in order to effectively learn how ethics work. Is it an ethical thing to constantly question what someone is thinking? Is it good to ask questions in response to someone asking questions? What if the person has a different opinion than you, and you want to try and get them to see your side? That’s something that an ethical man or woman should do, right? This is something I’m for sure going to have to do going forward. If you follow my blog, ask me questions to see how I can pursue that intellect going forward.


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