Thank you so much everyone!

As this semester comes to a close, I can say I’ve learned a lot from you guys and this semester. I cannot express how much I loved this class. Not only was the instructor my favorite one that I’ve ever had, but the people that I interacted with were so much fun to chat with and get to know over the course of the semester. You guys did awesome and I’m proud I was in this class. You guys should feel proud too since I usually don’t express gratitude for school/college since I’m only emotional about individuals and not the circumstances created by environment altogether due to my fairly high standards. I’m happy I got to know those that chose to talk with me and those who I talked with willingly. I’m normally pretty shy around others until I get to know them, but this class was different. I actually came to relate to a lot of you and discovered that my emotional side actually rubs off a lot on the people that want to interact with me, so if you ever see me again, say hi. I’ll be sure to talk with you guys if you do! Despite the age gap between a lot of us, I felt a lot better about this class than others. Thank you guys so much for making this one I’ll remember forever!


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