What I learned about Anxiety

Hello, everyone! It’s been a bit since I posted on my blog, but boy did I learn a lot! I learned so much from looking at other blogs that I had to share! The first blog I looked at was The Girl with Anxiety. I already knew a little bit about anxiety because I have a few friends that have it, but having that friend that is willing to share about her first-hand experience was extremely enlightening to me. One thing that I learned from The Girl with Anxiety was that sometimes, having anxiety can come in handy to prepare you for what’s going to happen. I never thought of it that way, so it really was good to find out there are some benefits to having anxiety. Overall, though, it can bring so many troubles that can seem overwhelming at first. One reason why it can be overwhelming is because they think small, insignificant things seem much bigger than they usually are. To show you, I’ll bring you right to The Girl with Anxiety. In her blog, she states that “Before exams I’m panicking, and when something goes wrong I freak out” which means she is extremely nervous about things that happen and make things seem so much more important than they usually are. She does have a few tips on this blog post though that really come in handy! For example: she says what to say and what not to say to people with anxiety, such as “Are you okay,” “I know what you mean,” and “Have you tried seeing a therapist or hitting a gym?” That’s a huge no-no people, and if you look closely, you can answer the question with a “yes” or “no,” so it will most likely be a “no,” so don’t ask questions like that! What you should try saying is “I’m here for you,” “how can I help,” and “Tell me what you want.” I can easily relate to this advice since I have friends that have anxiety, and every single time I give them advice, I avoid the “yes” and “no” questions as much as possible and do my best to understand their situation and I evaluate it as effective as I can in order to properly give them advice. One of my friends even consulted me for advice on how to handle the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her (I’m not going into details), and now, they actually managed to repair the relationship and they’re an extremely happy couple since they moved on from the experience. Overall, though, my advice is when you encounter someone who has anxiety, do your best to show your support. It makes this world so much of a better place even though it might not look like it.


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