My personal favorite blog: Trinity’s Blog

Holy crap I love this blog! Normally I’m not much of a reader, but Trinity certainly knows how write, or in this case, type, stories! If you look at her blog, you would know. Her blog is basically a series of chapters that form a story that she’s writing in a way, and not going to lie, the fantasy setting and story lines are extremely intriguing. To start, her first chapter is about 2 people, Violet and Asher, talking about how to properly handle goblins that are stealing from the townsfolk, so they have to find a way to steal from them in order to get them to stop stealing from the townsfolk, and as a result of that, they end up arguing during the entire trek there, until someone got tired of it and took the lead despite the grudges that arisen from that situation. Her second chapter started off with her describing a sudden impulse and surge that is overcoming a character in her story. It eventually moves on to her finding a beautiful stone palace, and despite the warnings that her friend said, she gently knocked on the door to an elderly man answering the door. He wasn’t very welcoming though, since he didn’t believe that she was a princess, so Asher convinced him to let them inside. The next chapter shows that she was supposed to be mentored by someone named Hasliith, and the first part of the chapter focuses on her mentors introducing themselves. The second part of the chapter is about how she finds an animal that is wounded and how Violet tries helping it, despite the adversity that happens during then. This shocks the spectators since they aren’t used to seeing someone helping the animal. This ends up resulting in the animal befriending her, which carries into chapter 6. In chapter 6, Violet is told she cannot return to Earth because of “that thing,” which Violet was insulted by, replying “It’s not a thing! Its name is Xaicier.” It ended up resulting in her saying a word that shocked the people watching, and as a result, she left somewhere and took a stroll before shouting out something that made a bunch of people freeze and look at her. It’s quite a fascinating story to be honest, so I think it would be well worth a read if you have the time. I was certainly intrigued to say the least.


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