Blog Tours: Two Sides of the Fence

As I’m looking at Two Sides of the Fence, a few things stood out to me. One thing that I’ll admit I love is that he is so relatable due to it being a diary for his life. One thing in that blog that I really noticed is that his family treated like a punching bad and that he had to take that and he had to be the adult of the house and raise him. I can relate to that because I’ve seen anime and stories of how people who were treated badly and were abused by their parents ended up like, so I’m nothing but supportive of the guy due to knowing they went through so much pain. Another thing I noticed about his profile was that he split the story of his life into several pieces, and as a result, it became a lot easier to read. It is also due to this that he bounces back and forth between who he was and who he is now. This is truly emphasized in the fact that due to his past addict life, he became an entirely different person.

In the video “Heroin: I’m a Heroin Addict and here’s my Story,” she talks about how she didn’t care about anything else other than get high, including her friends and family. This changed, however, when she got pregnant with her son. She moved on from that pain because she wanted the best possible future for her son, so she moved on from that past life and did her best to get her future on track. This makes me feel happy since she went through absolute hell as a heroin addict, but made a change for the better and did her best to move on from that past life. I’m not saying you should get pregnant to move on from an addicts life though. She found a reason to quit, so you should find a reason to quit. There are plenty of ways you can find a reason to move on from your life.

It’s also quite apparent in a video by one of my favorite rappers: Mac Lethal. In his video “The Story of My Drug Addiction.” In the video, he talks about how his mother passed, then he was lost, so his friend directed him to opiates and Oxycontin, and how he felt happy. This is not good, however. He felt so happy, he ignored everything else in his life, and as a result, he ended up destroying his own personal life because he drove so many people away.

Overall, this blog post has a very powerful message: don’t try drugs since they will destroy your personal life and make your life a living hell.



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