Blog Tours: The Girl with Anxiety

As I’m reading The Girl with Anxiety, a few things popped out to me. One thing that really popped out is the fact that you could easily do life hacks for anxiety, such as distracting yourself by looking at your surroundings, talking with someone, or even taking deep breaths. I wasn’t fully aware that did much since I usually figured people can’t get over it until the anxiety attack actually ended. I knew medication helps, though, since I did a lot of research on the subject in the past. Another thing that I learned is what happens to her when she has an anxiety attack via a diary of what happens and what triggered her. She even said that anxiety comes in handy sometimes because it “prepares her for important life events.”

This is also a way for the body to deal with dangers that come up as time goes on. In the article “Evolutionary Aspects of Anxiety Disorders” the article clearly states that “Anxiety is a component of de-escalating strategies mediated by the paleomammalian and reptilian forebrains,” which essentially means that when someone has an anxiety attack, their emotions and their instincts take over their rational brain to compensate for something that happens that they are unaware of or cannot deal with. In anxiety, I suspect that it’s a more severe case because the brain has taken so much chronic stress that the brain just cannot deal with all that damage, and as a result, random spikes of panic and anxiety make things worse.

This is also emphasized in the article “Can Anxiety damage the brain?” The article states that as a result of anxiety attacks, damage to the brain may end up resulting in damaging the hippocampus part of the brain, which may end up resulting in depression, dementia, or various other disorders. This makes it very important to manage your symptoms and do your best to relieve the stress that comes with anxiety. Since The Girl with Anxiety has ways of dealing with it and has some tips on how to manage it, I would recommend you go look at her blog to help manage your symptoms, especially considering this is first-hand experience, so it might end up helping you in the long run.

Overall, though, I learned a lot by looking at The Girl with Anxiety. Since it was first-hand experience from someone that actually has it, I know more than I did before. It felt good to find out from her what it’s like too, so now, I know how to help someone when they have an attack.


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