A Friendship and how her Past Relationship Shaped Me

Okay people time for something I’m very excited to talk about! This is a post about a friendship I have with someone and how it’s affected me. Overall, we have had a very good friendship despite it being mostly on Facebook. We frequently talk about how much we love animals and how similar our interests are, like our love of Zombie Pub Crawl.

She has posted about how her and her boyfriend, despite being very sweet publicly on facebook with her ex boyfriend for a time, there was inner turmoil that destroyed the relationship from the inside out. I won’t go into details about their relationship, but she did talk about it on facebook at a later date and how to not conduct a relationship. This is really shown in a Youtube video that I have a lot of respect for. In it, he talks about how showing a woman how you care will eventually lead to a mutually loving, caring, and healthy relationship due to all of the little things that you do for her. That is what I love in a relationship! If you show how much you care for your significant other, it will result in a very good, pure, and joyous life together that will bring you two closer together.

This is also really emphasized in Love is Respect. If you are in a relationship where you aren’t taking care of yourself and instead prioritize your partner, you will exhaust yourself and you won’t be able to see your friends as much! Relationships aren’t about giving to your partner without getting something in return! She did the right thing in leaving him since she will not be able to keep on living her life if she didn’t! That’s why I continue to be as sweet as I can to her. I know it seems unusual, but it works!

One last website that shows how a relationship works is a website that talks about the psychology of how love works. They characterize love starting as “…increased energy, narrowing of mental focus, sometimes sweaty palms, light-headedness, racing heart, and a lot of positive feelings.” That is generally how people feel when they “have butterflies in their stomach” so to say. It’s quite a pure and enjoyable sensation if you ask me. Even I felt that way before. The thing about that, though, is consistency. That is showed in a previous link on this blog post.

I hope this post helps get the message of how to conduct a relationship people!


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