Voice of Reason and Power

Okay people this is not one of my usual blog posts for class, but my own internal thoughts. I’m at work and I suddenly remembered a question my brother said at work that set a fire on my ass that I’m pissed about when I try to help him: “Are you stupid?” No, I’m not stupid. I’m working my ass off, studying as hard as I can, and taking all this bull shit from everyone at work, and I’m getting so pissed about it. My instructors have said that I’m one of their brightest and smartest students. Do you want to push me away? That’s what you’re doing. I don’t want to work here, yet I still do because I want to help everyone here. Stop being such a fucking bully all the time. That’s the main reason why your therapist ex left you. Normally I don’t post in the middle of the day, especially when at work, but things like these just piss me off.


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