Those who lead and their influence

“Make mistakes like that and I will force you to give up your Cyber deck.” That’s what someone said to me, and I look at him with pure rage wanting to punch him due to the fact that I love my Cyber deck, and for someone to try and take that away from me pisses me off to no end. Eric knew that could have happened, so he tried his best to calm me down. Thankfully I’m an easy person to calm down, otherwise things would’ve gotten really ugly. That’s one thing that happened that Eric proved invaluable to me.

Another situation that popped up that he was invaluable was when I was downtown, I constantly got rejected from conversation because I just plainly didn’t know how to have a decent one with a random stranger. One particular incident that happened was I was chatting normally with Eric, and one woman said “I want a conversation with you (referring to Eric).” Confused, I walk with him to talk with her, and she said “Not you,” referring to me. I was rather annoyed by it because she sounded so stuck up and annoying. I didn’t fully hear what he and her were talking about, but later on her friends came up, she had a look of pure annoyance on her and screamed at him. I was confused, so I asked him what went on, and he replied with “Like, she expects to have kinky moments if she pushes my friend away like that? No way.” Needless to say, it was awkward, but overall, that situation was handled pretty well in my opinion.

In that situation, I was talking with Eric at first, and after hanging downtown at Fusion (a bar in downtown Rochester) for a few minutes, a woman that neither of us knew wanted to have a conversation with Eric, but rejected talking with me. She chatted with him for a few minutes, and after that, her friends came up to her, with her screaming at him. She apparently wanted to mess around, and blatantly disregarded how he felt, so he must’ve turned her down in a similar way, if not worse way.

I guess what I’d like to say about Eric is that he is a great leader for me to follow. Since I like helping him, it also comes in handy too because he welcomes it and tries pushing me to do things that really pay off.


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