Leaders and Followers

We all have that friend that wants to be the leader in the group. For me, I feel I really need that friend that has great leadership potential, and that person is Eric. Due to the fact that I often have a very unrealistic view on the world, he helps me focus on the important aspects of life since I’m ruled by emotion, and that usually makes me reckless at times. More often than not, I consult him for advice on school, decision-making, and if I want to have a fun time in general since he can be extremely fun to be around. This is due to the fact that he shoots ideas that I have down if it’s questionable, such as going for relationships that might end up hurting me in the long run (such as moving away or if the people are questionable) and directs me to ideas that would be fun, such as playing cards with friends, going to Quarry Hill, or even going downtown to socialize. It’s due to this that I’m actually way more outgoing than other coworkers of mine and how I’m so memorable now. Overall, though, we both have our purpose in each other’s lives: he helps me make smarter decisions, while I offer solace when he feels down. 

The main reason why he is a good friend to me is because he is a very realistic person, while I’m a very ideal person. The concepts are quite opposing in all honesty, with realistic people look at what the situation at hand is and calculate accordingly, while ideal people look at what could be and do their best to make it that way. This is expanded in a website defining idealism, realism, pragmatism, and existentialism. In this website, they define idealism as ideas as the best way to go through things, and realism is more concerned with more physical objects such as the body and what’s around you.

I do have my purpose with keeping him stable though. Due to my fun-loving and emotional personality, I’m very in-tune with how people feel and when he’s depressed, I try as hard as I can to cheer him up by saying things that are appealing to him. One such example is when he said he couldn’t go on with a relationship and was very stubborn about it, I comforted him by saying he’s doing better than me at knowing what he wants. It was fairly hard though since he is well known for being too decisive at times.

Overall, though, he has been quite the great friend for helping me be more decisive in my life, and that, to me, is the main reason why I consider him a friend. This is due to the fact that he helps me have direction in my life, while I offer emotional solace for him. This has built quite a trustworthy bond that each of us have made, and it’s why I trust his intuition to this day.


Works Cited: “Philosophical Perspectives In Education”, oregonstate.edu/, 1999, November 21, 2018, https://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ed416/PP2.html


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