My feelings on the give-and-take relationship

Okay people bare with me here because this is a very solemn post. I seen how happy my friend and her boyfriend are together, and honestly, it makes me sad because I yearn for that kind of relationship. I look at posts they make, and how happy they are together, and it causes such complex feelings of sadness and joy (because I try as hard as I can to make relationships work due to feeling joy when they do) that I don’t ever consider how it affected me. It’s quite a major flaw in my personality that I’ve done my best to get past, but due to me always putting others before myself in the relationship department, I often come up short in starting a relationship. I consider it secondary though, because I’ve been doing my best to support people that have had it even worse than me, like Trinity for example. She ended up having a father that was abusive to her, and even had a boyfriend that constantly abused her and made her feel trapped because they feel so physically and emotionally drained. She even said she went to work and saw her friends that way, and as a result, she never had fun with her life and it sounds like she couldn’t create as many bonds with many people. I hate that! In my opinion, it makes me want to beat him. It’s pieces of crap like the people she had in her life that make me fly into a berserk rage without worrying about the consequences. It even came to a forefront when her father was put in the hospital. She decided the best thing to do was to go see him, and he still attempted to manipulate her. She then decided it was best that she left him alone because of that manipulative nature he had, which is similar to the relationship she had with her boyfriend at the time. It’s that kind of relationship where I try and help as much as I can, because I’ve seen people lose all their self-esteem, and I’ve heard so much about how people died as a result of that. It’s that kind of relationship where people are never able to move on if they keep on sticking with that person, so I plead to the people that are in abusive relationships; leave them. It’s become even easier now that technology has become a voice for people that are in abusive relationships. It’s also a good example of a relationship that one person gives and takes something extremely bad in return. The key of this is learning to balance giving and taking in a healthy manner, because if one person gives too much, such as Trinity, it will end up resulting in exhaustion, especially if the relationship is what she went through. I’d also like to give so many thanks to Trinity for letting me share this, because now, hopefully, people will realize their mistakes and leave an abusive relationship. That is my goal for this post: helping people realize that abusive relationships are not okay. I’m even an outlet for those if you do feel the need to talk, so please talk with me.


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