A truly give-and-take relationship

Okay people this blog is about a friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, who has a relationship with someone who really makes her dreams come true. What the relationship is like is it’s a true partnership, where the woman generally takes the mantle and some leadership in the relationship, but often times, she is exhausted as a result, so when she is, the man of the relationship really steps up and does his best to make sure she’s not overwhelmed. An example of such that they are fine with me talking about is the fact that she had problems with school, so she decided to let her boyfriend finish first since he is so far along with his school that he is fairly close to being done. To me, that shows that, despite everything, they do know when things get a little too stressful, and as a result, they learned to do a give-and-take approach because often times, things don’t work out in their favor, so it would be important to work around it so things work out much better in the end. It’s actually proven to be true in education as well. In a website that talks about relationships, they show how relationships can be a success. If you look at the bullet points there, it will show that healthy relationships are ones that can be shared with their respective families, are able to express to each other on who they are without worries of what the consequences might be, rarely resort to violence, and if it does, ends up resolving fairly and without much, if any, physical violence, are very honest about their sexual activity, are very trusting with each other, and let their partner influence each other for the better. It can be very hard, but as time goes on, it will become easier and easier if you are willing to let your partner influence you for the better. This is what this relationship is, and believe it or not, they told me how happy they are together, so I’m inclined to believe them because that’s what I’ve gathered from all the relationships I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen people leave their partner for cheating, abuse, and even one-sided relationships where one person just kept on giving and giving until it hurts. Overall, though, this relationship is truly a give-and-take relationship at its finest because they recognize each others flaws, but still kept on and tried their best to make it a truly healthy relationship.


7 thoughts on “A truly give-and-take relationship

  1. I just want to add, as a person with first hand experience, an abusive/cheating relationship drains you and brings out the worst in everyone involved. So you never have anyone at your back and it’s always a survival situation. You never go to work 100% yourself and you never have fun with your friends. Not only are u healthy relationships unhelpful, they’re HARMFUL in many aspects. I’ve also read that people in healthy relationships live longer and are more likely to survive major health events. Otherwise, this post is really cute and well-structured. Thank you for your hard work

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    1. Thank you Trinity. One thing that I’ve noticed from my little sister’s life is that abusive relationships are very often the reason why people don’t want to continue on living because they feel trapped, so I try as hard as I can to be a person to talk to with relationships. To me, relationships are something where they work as a team to cover their flaws, not something where one smothers the other. Do you mind if I use your blog as an example of how abusive relationships work?


      1. If it’s allowed I don’t mind. I would be happy to know that my experience helped educate others. Besides. The more I spread this story, the more power I gain and that means the more I have control over the situation (not that that’s how I want it to be, but I’m done with being manipulated). I have news on the situation on my father and if you’d like I could post that as well. It’s basically like a “where are they now” kind of update since I actually have talked to him since that last post.


      2. Okay what is the situation with your father now if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve already decided what I’m going to do for my final, so I’ll just quote you and explain the situation that you had. What I could also do is devote most of the post I make to your situation to better describe it as well.


  2. Basically, I found out he almost died because his aorta dissected in both the locations. It’s medical jargin for the big blood vessel in his chest split in two areas. This happened because he chose not to take his bp meds LIKE A CHILD… But I digress… I decided the right thing to do would be to try and talk to him. I tried when he was drugged out if his gourd in the hospital, but basically he treated me like shit. I was told to give him another chance when he was off his meds. As soon as I told he was, I texted him saying I think he got himself into a hairy situation and I wished he’d done better for himself. He replied with attempting to manipulate me saying “if you don’t come see me right now I’m going to forget about you” and then I said, I already had doubts and that now I could happily move forward in my life knowing that I tried to mend the relationship and he tried to manipulate and treat me like a child. He said, don’t be too hard on yourself if I die just know I love you and I always will and I miss you. To me that shows that no matter how many times karma knocks him out and hits him like a ton of bricks, he just doesn’t get it and refuses to be an adult. So I dropped him like a hot potato because I’m not going to be manipulated. My grandma, his mom, was very distraught that her son was so far gone. She is praying that he gets better mentally, but 2 years have past and he’s just as manipulative as before.


    1. Okay thank you for telling me Trinity. I will talk with professor Robinson about if I can use your story as inspiration. I adore that she’s so sweet, so I most likely will be able to because of that. I won’t be able to keep you anonymous because I’ll quote you in my blog. Do you mind that?


  3. Hey I’d just like to give a shout out to you Trinity. I made a blog post about your relationship with your ex and your father and how you moved on now. I didn’t say how you are now since I wasn’t sure how you are fairing now as a result of that, but if you want to talk about how you moved on, you can comment on it. I’m happy that you told me.


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