Annoying Ways People Use Sources

Making Connections: As I was reading the article, I started noticing a couple of things after thinking about it that I can really draw inspiration from. The author (Kyle Stedman) said a piece of writing is quite interesting if you change direction, you will end up thinking about how the person writes, and generally, I noticed it’s sometimes indicated by bullet points, italics, or bold print on occasion. Now, let me ask you this: how does it work for you guys? It could be a picture, a word, or even a shock twist in a story that causes you to show your interest. I personally like the shock twist because I grew up watching anime, being taught politics when young, and even played card games where if you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’re pretty much never getting anywhere. As an example, I’ll show you a scene from one of my favorite anime shows of all time: Tokyo Ghoul. In this scene, the main character, “Kaneki” is fighting a person who tortured him relentlessly to bring out the evil side of him. Before, he was a very introverted person, who constantly was coming to grips with the fact that he used to be a human, but is now half something that he struggles to come to grips with because he previously hated them. Now, if you look at him, he is quite the vicious attacker, who is fighting for those he loves and wants to protect them as much as he can. I would suggest you look at the entire series, because the message I took from it is quite benevolent due to what I know about the series entirely. It’s also packed full of emotional moments that people like me love so much. How does it make you feel? Do you feel sympathetic for him? Do you hate that he became a monster when he was so kind before? Are you intrigued that the pain he went through caused him to take this resolve? The choice is up to you. Feel free to ask questions, because I’m an open book that is willing to talk with you about it. The amount I took off of this series is numerous, so I can tell you as much as you need to hear. In conclusion though, this series offered a tremendous insight to the kind of person that I am, and the kind of person that I want to be: independent.


AnimeShots -Anime, Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki VS Jason – Last Fight!, Youtube, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (on behalf of (P)2014 Sony Music Associated Records); UBEM, Sony ATV Publishing, ASCAP, and 5 Music Rights Societies, 190,868, AnimeShots -Anime, Feb 21, 2017,


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