Reading like a writer and by islands I mean paragraphs

Making Connections: In Mike Bunn’s “Reading like a Writer” (pg 78) one paragraph really stuck out to me when I read it because I tend to write stuff that is highly emotional and really tugs at heart strings if you read deeper than what I’m saying. If you look at the section “Is this the kind of writing you will be assigned to write yourself,” he talks about how a particularly humorous or emotional piece of writing can really bring RLW to light because you have to theoretically “put yourself in his or her shoes” in order to better understand him and see if that particular style works best for you. Me personally, I hope you guys like that I post highly emotional stuff and I love it when people show emotion and try to be vocal with their feelings, please offer your opinion! If you put yourself in my shoes you’ll find out that my feelings run extremely deep and they are shockingly benevolent and sweet when you dig deeper! I might seem a little rough around the edges, but if you try to actually dig deeper and ask yourself “why does Michael post this” you’ll find yourself really getting to know that I’m very sweet and fun to be around!

Commentary: What I think the author of the selection “…and by islands I mean paragraphs” is trying to say through this article is the islands are changing occasionally, so they are changing the structure of how the island is and is trying to get us to think more critically and being more analytical at the same time. One reason why I think this is in one of the sentences, they say “The population of this island spends the summer tending sheep. People were once driven by the setting up of huge deer-hunting estates,” then changes to “The population is now a third of what it once was. An enlightened landlord built schools and fish-curing sheds,” so the author is trying to get us to think of it as a story I think. One reason why I think this is because I noticed that the sentences can be tied in through the fact that if you try hard enough, the sentences can be tied in together, like a story. For example, one sentence stated that it was rich in fishing, and that is the end result of building a school and fish-curing sheds.


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