Selfie post

Image may contain: Michael Reitz and Britani Jo Peterman, people smiling, closeupImage may contain: Kaitlyn Harberts and Michael Reitz, people smiling, hat, closeup and text

“Oh my goodness Snapchat is so good for selfies!” That’s what I generally think of when I want to take a selfie with my friends. If you look at the selfies I posted here, you will think the same. In the first selfie I posted, I was with a friend of mine in downtown Rochester, MN chatting with her and her friends. I don’t remember a ton of it due to blocking the memory out due to it being too painful for me and possibly drinking too much, but what I do remember is I was chatting with her and her boyfriend about how they match well and how they are as people, and I discovered that I’m actually quite a bit like him on terms of musical interests, the fact that we both try as hard as possible to make our significant others happy, and we both are extremely faithful to the ones we love. I also remember thinking “holy crap me and him are similar,” and after that, I don’t remember much if at all. What I think Rettberg will see this as is someone who is someone who is possibly in a relationship with or someone who is great friends with.

In my next photo, I was at work and I noticed one of my friends I flirted with all the time in the past. Things did change a bit though on account that she just got engaged the day before. I fully remember this day too! I chatted with her and her fiancé and during the conversation, he was talking a little smack on account that I’m single. Boy was that a mistake because it prompted me to respond with “Really man?! At least I realize what I want! I’d rather stay single and not be with someone that makes me sad than be with someone that constantly knocks me down!” Despite it seeming like I’m somewhat of a jerk, believe it or not, I’m quite benevolent and really treasure the friendship I have with them. What happened afterwards was really funny too! My coworkers just looked at me with a smile on their faces and one of the guys was like “Hey, uh, Mike. Stop being such a flirt, ” and since I knew he was trying to bully me and since I wasn’t really flirting, I responded “Stop being such a Negative Nancy man! No wonder you’re single!” After that, everyone laughed so hard. What I think Rettberg would think this as is someone who loves it when someone gets engaged and really cuts loose a lot at work.


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