Chapter 2: Filtered Reality

Making Connections: As I read the section “A filtered world” I’ve made several connections to my personal life through Facebook (Michael Reitz’s Facebook), my own personal memories, and certain websites. On my personal facebook, I noticed that several of my past friends frequently tried to bully me in the past, and as a result, I ended up feeling incredibly insecure, and believe it or not, it caused me to abandon what I used to be and as a result, I “filtered” out that part of my life because I didn’t want to deal with it. To support it, I’ll bring you to a personal photo (Michael Reitz’s Facebook photos) of mine on Facebook. If you look at the one that was posted on February 1, 2016 that has me smirking with a bowl-esque haircut and slouching slightly, you’ll notice that someone said “who did your hair and why do they hate you?” At the time I thought nothing of it, but little did I know, later on it would get a lot worse and he would be relentless with his bullying, so I ended up “filtering” that part of me out by taking him off of my facebook. It also affected me a lot because when I took the friends off that did bully me, I ended up becoming less of a bully myself (yes I know I still am to an extent, but I’m a lot less relentless unless you push me too far). This also brings me to another article I found online. On page 12 Section 4.1, they note that cyber bullying is extremely frequent now because of how accessible it is to everyone and how easy it is to pose as someone they’re not. I also realized this is also me to an extent because I’m extremely impressionable, so if I do go online, I refuse to acknowledge people when they try to bully me, and when they go too far, I unfriend them and not deal with it. I will admit the article does bring up some very valid points about what is termed “Facebook depression” and that actually is something I dealt with in the past due to me constantly wanting attention, and as a result, I ended up doing risky behavior like give attention to people that I should never have (if you want to know, I will tell you), almost turned to aggressive behaviors myself because I learned from people that do it themselves (point in case, my earlier words about bullying).

Overall, I learned a lot about how many connections I made, and how my past has impacted me to this day. Sure, I still have work to do, but overall, I think I made a lot of changes for the better, and that, everyone, is too sweet.


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