The Folklore We Create

As I lay here typing. I really want you guys to look at this and keep yourself engaged, because this is my story through my digital footprint. My websites, including facebook, Youtube, and my blog define so much and show so much of who I am that you guys will like what you see. I’m typing this not for my benefit, but so you guys can see the man behind the mirror and know I’m a very emotional, loving, and caring person who is resolved in his motives and will not be deterred.

One thing I will admit shows a lot of me for you guys is my Facebook profile, since it’s my most frequent visit. I frequently comment on things that help me build an emotional connection with them (such as my friend’s facebook) (Kenzie Scott’s Facebook). You guys might also like that I love posting things to my facebook (Michael Reitz) that shows so much of who I am. It shows stuff like when my father had a heart attack and my great struggle through that, as well as videos that I absolutely love. My father’s heart attack also brought me such resolution because I don’t want my life to end up like that, so it made me think “Okay this is too much. I don’t want to feel trapped at a job that pushes me like that. I want to force myself forward and do my best to succeed and make him proud.”

One more thing that you guys will like is that I frequently show who I am through what I watch on Youtube. One particular video I watched last week, named Jake and Olive, (Mac Lethal’s Youtube Channel) really shows who I am through the mirror and caused me to realize “I want this.” Go on and press Ctrl and click on the link. It shows so much resolution that the two people know things are hard, yet they try so hard to make it work. It reminds me of when I was dating my last girlfriend. She even noted that I was different from her other boyfriends. She knew I truly did care. She even decided that we should stay friends after a very gentle break-up because she said she didn’t know if I was the right guy for her.

Now, as we come to a close, I have to talk about one more thing: my blog (Michael Reitz’s blog). It is fairly new, so you can’t get much of who I am as a person. What I can tell you is in my About Me post, it really shows what happened to me growing up, so please read it. It shaped who I am today, and it’s given me such a strong resolve to NOT let that happen again. It also shows that I am really showing myself through my college blogs, mostly because I like to make connections to those around me.

Wow, that felt so good to share! You guys have been great, so give yourself a pat on the back! I know some people might be thinking “how is this guy so strong-willed?” Well, one thing I learned through all of those hard times, it’s that despite the hard times, the grass is always greener on the other side, meaning you can go through absolute misery and hard times, but if you try to look at the bigger picture rather than what’s in front of you, you can see the beauty in everything. Thanks for reading!


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