“The Mechanical Bride” notes

Commentary: One sentence on “The Mechanical Bride” that I looked at really sounds interesting and ends up making me think, and that sentence is “the industrial man is not unlike the the turtle that is quite blind to the beauty of the shell which it has grown on its back.” I think that means that someone in the industrial business, such as a reporter, simply reports the information and has this vast pool of information, yet doesn’t see (quite blind to) the “beauty of its shell” which is a massive quantity of information available to them at a glance. This is reflected in the quote “the same man would rather eat the turtle than admire the design on its back,” which when they say “eat” they mean they take the information in, while when the article says “admire the design on its back” they mean that they don’t “admire,” which to me means “explore” “the design on its back” which is looking at the amount of information available to them. I’ve noticed this as well in the short article “then two die in the chair” where they simply reported two men, who were about to get put on the electric chair to be executed in a few hours, only reported the actual death itself, and as a result, the vast majority of information that led up to it wasn’t reported or researched. This is apparent because of the sentence “This is an illustration of the situation of those in the modern world who contribute mindlessly and automatically to the huge technical panorama which they never raise their eyes to examine.” “Contribute mindlessly and automatically” essentially means they basically report it, while “which they never raise their eyes to examine” means they won’t look at the situation past what they already know, because “raise their eyes” means looking up, not unlike surfing the web for information, and “examine” meaning actually thinking “How did this come around?” This is also brought about by “the same man would dunk himself in the newspaper than have any aesthetic or intellectual grasp of its character or meaning.” This is because they say “than have any esthetic or intellectual grasp,” which “esthetic” basically is beauty in itself while “intellectual grasp” essentially means a grasp of what information is available to them rather than what they are reporting itself. This forms into a quote “than have any beautiful or smart grasp on what it truly means,” and I truly do believe this.


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