Into the Blogosphere: Reflection

As I was typing up my blog and looking at the blogs others have posted and crafted, I began to notice quite a few things. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I really noticed that the class is starting to become a little more integrated as a result of each other choosing who they want to critique and who they like. I first started noticing this when I said “Please, critique me, that way we go from the ghost town to a great community that interacts with each other!” It’s that moment that made me realize that in order to fully grow, we need that interaction and critiquing in order to effectively grow, so as a result, I will do my best to help each other grow and I will try and help those that ask or I feel like need help. Another thing I noticed in the article was that due to the amount of information online, users who use it have access to a base of knowledge to contribute to and form a collective ecosystem of sorts, and that provides a base to build a community of bloggers that understand each other. One more thing I noticed as a result of this too is that as a result of the blogs and people communicating with others about their actual feelings, it comes directly from the mind of a user. I’m a perfect example of this. Due to me feeling comfortable with blogging more and more, I feel my words flowing, and due to this as well, I’m far more open to others commenting on my blog, which definitely wasn’t the case when I first made the blog. I was so scared of getting one when I was told I was going to make the blog because I was so scared of being judged that my knee was shaking a bit in class. This was even more apparent in high school, when I was repulsed at the mere mention of facebook, Instagram, and blogging in general. Boy have times changed as a result of age though! So, if anyone feels like they need help, don’t hesitate to ask me and if you feel like I’m missing something, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m more than open to take in your words and try to work on building an effective community among my peers and colleagues!


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