Into the Blogosphere notes

Summary: In short, this article focuses on how the blogosphere has brought the general population together into one massive community as a result of the readily accessible nature of how people feel about certain things in their life and how it affected them. One way this how the blogosphere integrated society into one massive community is that due to the massive amount of feelings that are posted online and how people critique it, it’s brought a greater understanding to others than what the news and other sources portray. This is due to the fact that the news have so many guidelines to follow and as a result, it simply provides the bare bones facts rather than accounts of people that actually were there. This makes it look like the news and media aren’t providing the amount of facts that people actually there provide. As a result of the massive amount of information there though, it forms an “iceberg” of information that are submerged in millions of blogs online. This “iceberg” is just that though: a majority of blogs that are just ones that were abandoned with links that are outdated and even provide information that have been lost in the winds of time. There are several accounts of updated blogs online at the top of the iceberg that are very up-to-date and are frequently updated with many moderately new sources of useful information. Such an example is our class blogs, who are consistently being updated with our class assignments. They are being updated with stuff like reflections, notes to our assignments, and even commented on for critiquing and, thus, we are growing as a community and we are slowly making friends out of all of our classmates. As a result of this critiquing, we are slowly figuring out what our place in the classroom is, and while we’re doing that, we get to know our classmates better through those interactions with each other. This is reflected in the article we read due to the article stating that the growth of a community really depends on the cooperation of colleagues, which strengthens the bond of each other and promotes healthy growth with each other. The teacher is also readily promoting this among everyone. This is due to the fact that she is causing us to work together in groups when we have a discussion in class. Due to this, we are promoting the very thing the blogosphere is trying to promote; an ecosystem of like-minded individuals that understand each other.

MI/Key Terms: To me, the main idea of this article is due to the interactions of all the people in the blogosphere, it created a fairly symbiotic relationship of all the people in the blogosphere. One of the key terms of the article is the blogosphere, which is the accumulation of millions of blogs online that forms a vast amount of information that is used and is not used. In the blogosphere, there is another one of the key terms in the article: a community, which is a group of people that form to get to know one another and try to grow. Due to this community, we get another key term that’s worth mentioning: a symbiotic relationship, which in this text means people truly understand each other and are able to synchronize their thoughts with each other. This is due to the fact of one more key term in the article: filtering, which in this context means deeming what is important to keep around, and what is deemed as unnecessary is dropped off. There can be extremes of filtering, though, and when it’s filtered too much another key term is noted: journalism, which is a person using bare bones facts, and due to this, it’s often noted that it doesn’t provide the amount of information of a person actually witnessing the event. Due to this, journalism does not provide an accurate description of what the blogosphere is, which is a vast amount of information of events, ideas, and feelings of people that form a symbiotic relationship of people in the community at large.


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