Reaction to Chapter 1

As I was reading the chapter, I noticed a few things about my college classmates and my colleagues in general. One thing I noticed overall was that after I read the chapter, I noticed that I looked more at the people on their phones rather than people not on their phones and I noticed that they seemed disinterested in what’s around them. I didn’t interrupt them though because they didn’t seem like they would be much fun to talk to. Another thing that I noticed was that I was much more resolved about cutting off toxic people on my facebook out of my life because they constantly seemed mad at the world and was not willing to help me out. Another thing I noticed was that I realized that I want to go out more lately because chatting with people are a lot more fun than staying behind a laptop all day and that I was much more willing to accept the risks associated with it. One thing I’ll admit I do like about online, though, is that it’s still a fantastic way to express myself and it does come in handy in case I need it, such as for college, for interactions between those I truly care about, and the few people that do care about. This is as a result of me building bonds with them and instinctively feeling that they are building me up as best they could. One last thing that I noticed as well was that I naturally want to lead others on what I feel is the best path despite all the hardships that I’ve been through in my life.


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