Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Chapter 1

Summary: This chapter is mainly about 3 different forms of self-representations: visual, written, and quantitative, as well as how people try and silence them. Visual self-representations are in essence a form where someone is molded from what the person is seeing and how it affects their minds. Examples of these are in the form of selfies and art paintings, which people see and interpret how they view them. Written forms are basically when a person types their thoughts via Facebook and blogs, where their thoughts directly translate their views. Another form of written is via diaries, which is basically the same thing as blogs, except it’s on paper rather than online. One more form is called quantitative self-representation; it is a molding of a person via graphs, numbers, and other devices that track your movements or by their own admission. One such person was Benjamin Franklin, who was constantly retracing his steps and behaviors to become a better person. As time went on though, people have become more aware of social media and constantly bash it via riots and kept on advocating against them.

Making Connections: As I was reading the first chapter, there were several things that I’ve started noticing about the various forms of self-representation and how it affected my life today. For example; I remember that as I was living with my mother and her fiancé that I was relentlessly bullied by my so-called “friends” in the past, and even my mother’s fiancé and even my grandparents kept on pushing me in a similar way, but all that did was make me want to go online more to post my thoughts in the matter just to relieve the intense stress that it caused. One such example is also fairly recent, which I posted on Facebook about a job interview I had this week and how I felt on the matter, which hid the fact that I was incredibly stressed about being constantly pushed by my grandfather because I either stressed him out so much, or even the fact that he didn’t want me to get the job.

MI/Key Terms: The main idea of this chapter is in my opinion how visual, written, and quantitative self-representations have made you become the person you are today.

Key terms: Quantitative: Any number of events/details that has an influence.

Curation: Carefully sculpting our posts via Facebook, Twitter, or blogs.

Self-representation: How we carry ourselves via our actions and what our views are.

Self-portraits: A painting of someone by someone else in their likeness.

Pathologising: A form of bullying as an attempt to do psychological damage.



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