Why blog?

Summary: In short, this article is about the benefits of blogging and how it came around. It basically started as online diaries where people started to post their gripes and problems online. Nowadays though, it’s a good way to post ideologies and promote growth among the community because people post certain blogs, which won’t be accepted all the time and there will be people that challenge that ideal and force you to think on their terms. As a result, though, it will end up taking a lot of time to get used to it and become good as a writer. One way that will help out your style is to take your time, find a path that works for you, such as organizing your thoughts and manage your time well, to find a path that works best for you. Blogging can be fun though. You have control of your own blog, so as a result, you can format your blog the way you want it. You can post your own widgets to make shortcuts to your own blog, and post pictures of your family and friends to better suit your needs. That makes it easier for me saying try blogging and see how you like it.

MI/Key Terms: The main idea of this article was the fact that it takes a very long time to become an accomplished blogger. One of the key points made about it was the fact that someone said it takes around 10,000 hours to become an accomplished blogger, which is over a year straight of non-stop blogging. Factoring how much it spreads out over time, that would be at least 30 years of dedicated blogging. It will become easier as time goes on though because you will get more interested and will enjoy the blogging experience. One of the ways you can blog is the blogosphere, which is a website you created yourself. It starts to get more chaotic as time goes on though because people often end up getting belligerent, or are much more willing to pick fights. Don’t let this deter you from blogging though! It’s a very fun and interactive experience that I myself am curious about because it sounds like such a thought-provoking experience to get to know your fellow peers a lot better.

Making Connections: One of the connections I made to the overall experience was how fun the experience can be in the fact that you can modify your blog the way you want. The fact that you can use widgets to add shortcuts and useful things such as a follow button and the amount of people you’re following are really interesting to me. Another fun thing that I loved was the fact that I can put my own photos on the blog. I did that by putting a photo of my dog on my page and by putting a picture I took myself of one of the most beautiful games in my opinion on my blog to add a sense of beauty to it. Another connection I can make is that the 10,000 hours needed to spend to become an accomplished blogger feels extremely true because I only have been blogging for a combined 12 hours at most and feel like an extreme novice and am so nervous about blogging still.


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