How my blog went

Hello everyone welcome to my blog! My blog setup was fairly easy despite being the first time I ever blogged. I did have a few questions throughout the experience though. One of the questions was since I had troubles due to it being my first time, I had to ask how to set it up, which professor Robinson was able to help me with by directing me to her blog “A Journey Begins,” and from there I was able to set it up fairly well. Another question I had, which was a gripe since I really wanted to do it, was changing my profile photo to one of my own. I was told to skip that since I can just do it in my free time. One last question I had was at the end, I tried setting up contact information, but I was told to not worry about that since my blog was ready to post already. Overall though, I consider it a fantastic experience since I now know how to blog and it was a really easy, if only new, experience for me. The best part of the experience for me is the fact that I can keep in contact with people and share my ideas with everyone. I am nervous about having my ideas critiqued and my own ideologies challenged, but to me, that’s the reason for blogging in the first place. I will be sure to offer my own ideas and try to help everyone as much as I can too. A question I have for everyone is if you guys do critique, can you possibly critique in a way that will actually provoke my thinking? Since I’m new to this experience I am quite open to taking in others opinions to better suit my own and learn from this. I hope you guys love my blog and ideas and opinions!


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