About me

Hello everyone let me tell you about myself. My name is Michael Reitz and I am 27 years old going to RCTC my second time for my second semester because when I went to college nearly 10 years ago at 18 years of age, I was unwilling to even put forth the effort to succeed, so I dropped out after one semester. I have one cat named George who was a stray and came with that name, and one dog who is named Grover that my uncle named. I currently live in Rochester with my grandparents, who are supporting my endeavors in college as much as they can. I used to live in a trailer in southern Rochester next to Longfellow Elementary School, which I also went to as my first elementary school. I grew up very poor, but my family was very loving and tried their best to support me even though it was very hard to due to the fact that I couldn’t have a lot of the things other people had growing up. Due to this, I often didn’t talk with others while in school unless they talked to me first, and I was often mean and didn’t care about the opinion they gave. I eventually went to Willow Creek Middle School, where I was relentlessly bullied because I smelled disgusting at the time, and as a result, I often cried and hated the way I was. It got better in when I went to Mayo High School though because a seminar people were required to take was an anti-bullying seminar, and as a result, I was much happier then. Thank you for reading my blog everyone!


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